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Get music in every room with Sonos

If your music listening is limited to using earbuds or isolated to a single room in your home, look no further than Sonos to expand your experience. Sonos offers a complete line of products to easily add music to every room and fit any configuration, including starting from scratch. If you have a killer system […]

Duct Tape Art Work

This one falls into the so-cool-that-I-don’t-know-what-to-say category. Over the years people have used duct tape for just about every quick fix you can think of, from sealing duct work (shocker!) to hemming pants in a pinch.  It was all about utility.  Then something changed.  People started to stretch the creative boundaries of the stuff.  The first […]

Hack Things Better with Sugru

I came across Sugru on, a daily deal site for cool, high-design stuff. Essentially, Sugru is sort of like Silly Putty – a soft touch silicone rubber that molds and sets permanently.  The inventors see it as goop that allows creative people to hack the things they already own – to make them better, […]

BlueLounge Milo

One of the few annoying things I’ve found about mobile phones including the iPhone is the lack of good simple solutions for propping them up while I’m working away at my desk or on my nightstand especially. It’s rather annoying to find a great bedside alarm clock app only to have to prop up my […]

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